dogs bred to be large die in six to eight years. pugs and persians have difficulty breathing. pugs, pekingese, and shih-tzus often suffer from eye proptosis (where their eyes partially or completely bulge out of their sockets). scottish fold cats have arthritis. most dalmations are partially or completely deaf. many breeds of cat are prone to hip dysplasia or fractures, sometimes to the extent that their hips crack or dislocate while giving birth.

all of these problems are directly linked to inbreeding. there’s no reason to buy from a breeder unless you need a working animal with certain traits. adopt. shelters and rescues are so full that you can find purebreds there anyway. but more importantly, there just is no good reason to buy for cosmetic reasons from a breeder. this culture of inbreeding animals to look a certain way at the expense of their health is sick.